Activity Books Collection

Having Fun Doing Science Activities

Children love to do science activities. because they are fun to do. They learn about science while having fun doing a variety of easy activities.

You will not need to go out and buy expensive materials for your students to complete the activities in these books. 

Each of the books are about a specific topic but the wonderful thing about doing science activities is that you can pick and choose which activity you want to do.  

Taking turns doing the Penny Drop activity

If it is a sunny day, you might choose one of the activities from our Flight book. Rainy or cold days are just right for indoor activities that you will find in the Dinosaur and Fossils book.

Each activity has a mini-lesson that you can use to explain the activity they are going to do. Look for the Science Behind the Activity that is for you. It is to provide you with additional information that you might not know.

You will like these activites because 

You will like these science activities because they require inexpensive materials that you can find around your home or at a nearby store. 

Going on a treasure hunt 

Going on a treasure hunt for materials they will need for some of their activities is a great way to get them interested in their upcoming science activities. You can give each of them their own box to collect the materials they will need.  

There are eight different activity books in this series. Each activity has a mini-lesson for you to use when you introduce the activity. Science behind the activity gives you additional information that you might like to know.