Fun Science Activity Books Set 2 by Myrna Martin
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AB Set 2 Science Activity Books by Myrna Martin

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The Set 2 Fun Science Activity Books contains fun and easy-to-do science activities for your children. You can choose an activity from any one of the four books in this set when planning to do an activity with your children. 

The materials listed in each activity can usually be found around your home or at a nearby store. Your preparation time is short because the directions are clear and easy to understand. The variety of activities in the books allow you to choose the perfect activity without worrying about whether it will be a sunny or rainy day.

Each activity has a a mini-lesson for you. Your children will love science when they know the lessons are short and the activities are fun. You can share the pictures in the books to help your children understand the activity.

Click on the picture of the activity book on this page For more information about each of the activity books in this set. The picture is a link to a page with more information about each book.

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