School Books

Why students like these books

Our school books have been carefully chosen for their appeal to students who can read at or above a 6th grade level. Our are easier to use than any other Earth Science program available. Every chapter in our textbooks contains that students can do on their own or in groups. The materials used in the experiments are inexpensive and usually found around the home. 

Students are testing the carrying capacity of their duct tape boats

Teacher planning time is minimal

The books are designed to be easy for teachers to plan their lessons.  Each chapter contains a written lesson on a specific topic. An activity that reinforces the lessons, and a short quiz.

You will need to read the chapter summary, look at the pictures, and check to see if you have materials for the activity. The activities in the books use inexpensive materials that are usually found around the home or at a nearby store.

The quiz is 10 questions about the lesson. Students can exchange their quizzes or check their own answers using the Answer Key in the back of the book.