Science Made EZ Books

Our Science Made EZ books have been carefully chosen for their appeal to school age students. Each chapter contains fascinating science information and a fun experiment or activity.

Science Made EZ books are for students who want Earth Science classes included in their curriculum. Students can often work through their school books with minimal help from their teachers.

Teachers like these books because each book is an independent topic-oriented area of Earth Science. The experiments and activities use inexpensive materials often found around the home or at a nearby store. Students look forward to their science lesson includes an activity.

Rock Cycle Books

Students like these books because they contain an activity or experiment in every chapter. Each chapter also contains fascinating information about the Earth.

Teachers like these books because they require very little preparation time. You can scan the pages first. Read the chapter summary at the end of the written information. Finally, you will need to make sure you have the materials needed for the experiment or activity.

The experiments and activities use inexpensive materials that are usually found around the home or at a nearby store. Students can help your gather the materials they will need for the experiments. You can keep them in a box for future use.

ID Rocks

You will like our Science Made EZ rock identification books because they are easy to use. It will only take a few minutes of your time to prepare for each lesson. After working through a few chapter in their book student can do the lesson with minimal help from you.

You will find that your students are fascinated with the different types of rocks found in each group of the rock cycle.

You can start with any one of the books in the series. Start with the rock identification book where your students can easily find rocks near your home to study.

Why students like our rock identification books

Students love to collect rocks. Your students will be eager to read about the different types of rocks they collect. They can also begin to exchange rocks with friends who live in different areas.

Fun Science Activity Books

Our Science Made EZ activity books are designed for younger students. The Introduction is a mini-lesson that you can use to introduce the activity. This saves you time looking for information to introduce each lesson.

Teachers like our activitiy books because they include a section titled More science activities. More science activities provides additonal activities that students can do if there is enough time after finishing the original activity. You can also use these activities for other days.

Science behind the activity is information for you. You might like to include the information in your introduction depending on the age of your students.

If you are teaching older students you might include activities and experiments from these books to supplement your textbook. When I was teaching older students they looked forward to their science classes because I always included activities or experiments in each class.