Myrna Martin (Author)

School Textbooks

Science Made EZ books make learning fun and easy for you and your students. Students can work through their textbooks without additional help from their teachers. You will have more time for other projects with this program because your students can work on their own.

This is true because . . .

Our school textbooks are easier to use than any other Earth Science program available. Each book is an independent topic-oriented area of Earth Science. Students can read about the oceans followed by our space book because the material in each book does not depend on students having read a previous book on the topic to understand the material covered in the book.

Our Science Made EZ books are designed for parents and teachers who want their students to enjoy science and love to do hands-on science experiments. The topics have been carefully chosen to appeal to your students. Each unit of study takes 6 weeks to finish when students complete 3 lessons each week.