Are all of your books available as printed books?

Yes, all of our books are available as printed books and ebooks.

How many chapters are in your textbooks?

Each of our textbooks contains 16 chapters with written information, a 10 question quiz, and an activity or experiment.

What is the difference between the school books and science books?

The school books are are for older students getting ready for college. The science books are primarily for students wanting to learn how to identify rocks and minerals they can collect. 

What ages of students do you recommend your science books for?

The science books are recommended for all ages of students. These books are for anyone interested in learning how to identify igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks. 

Why is the Earthquakes and Tsunamis books available in the school books and science books series?

The Earthquakes and Tsunamis book was primarily written for the millions of people living around the Pacific Ocean or those going on vacations there. It explains how and why great earthquakes occur in subduction zones that ring the Pacific Ocean.