Rock Cycle Books

Our rock cycle books are designed for students who can read at a minimum 4th grade level. Collecting and learning about the rocks that cover the surface of the Earth is a fascinating subject for all students.

Myrna Martin's activity-based Rock Cycle books are easier to use than any other Earth Science program available. They are designed for students interested in learning how to identify rocks and minerals. Each chapter contains written information and a fun science activity. Your students will look forward to their science lessons when they know each lesson includes an activity. 

Students showing sizes of cinders on Lava Butte 

Why teachers like our books 

Teacher preparation for each chapter in the books is short and simple. It will only take you a short time to prepare for these activity-based lessons.
You will need to read the chapter title and the major headlines. Look at the colorful pictures and read the information about each one. Gather the simple and inexpensive materials needed for the activity and begin.

Why students like our books

 Students like these books because they contain an activity or experiment in every chapter. Our science books contain fascinating information about the rocks and minerals on our planet. 

Geologists refer to a ring around the Pacific Ocean as the Ring of Fire. Our Earthquakes and Tsunamis book book explains how and why great earthquakes and volcanoes are found around the Pacific Ocean.

The Rock and Mineral Field guide can be used by anyone who wants to identify a rock or mineral they collect. The guide contains explains the similarities and differences between the three major groups of rocks. Charts guide and information about common rocks on Earth are included in the books.

The Rock Cycle books make learning fun and easy for you and your students. Students can often work through the books on their own with minimal from their teachers.