ID Metamorphic Rocks by Myrna Martin
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ID Metamorphic Rocks Book by Myrna Martin

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Identifying Metamorphic Rocks

Each chapter contains written information about metamorphic rocks. Your students will look forward to their science lessons because each chapter includes a science activity.

The activities in each chapter are designed to be fun and increase your student’s understanding of what they read in the chapter.

You will like this ebook for your students because it will take only a few minutes of your time to go over the information in the chapter to prepare for each lesson.

The materials used in the activities and experiments are inexpensive and often found around the home or at a nearby store

Sample chapters

  • Regional Metamorphism occurs over large regions when crustal plates collide.
  • Dynamic Metamorphism occurs in subduction zones. The subducting plate melts, creating metamorphic rocks around the molten rock.
  • Marble is a metamorphic rock that was originally limestone.

EZ Geology books are designed for all ages of students

Our Metamorphic Rocks Identification books is designed for students that can read at a minimum 3rd grade level.  Depending on your group, some students might want to work alone. Other students may want to read the information together. Students can also do the experiments and activities individually or work together in groups.

Sample experiments

  • Rock Hard Dough Art demonstrates how high heat changes the dough.
  • Layered Bread shows how pressure compresses sedimentary as the layers in the oceans deepen.
  • A Hot Time for Rocks examines the effect of heat on different materials.

Why you should buy this book!

Our Metamorphic Rock identification book is easier to use than any other Earth Science program available. Your students can work through this science book with minimal help from you.

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