Igneous Rocks Book by Myrna Martin
Ring of Fire Science

EZG Igneous Rocks Book by Myrna Martin

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Student and teacher friendly books

The Ring of Fire Science books are easier to use than any other Earth Science program available.

Your students can work through the Igneous Rocks book with minimal, to no help, from you. This gives you time for other things you need to do in your busy life.

Each chapter in this book is about a specific topic related to igneous rocks. Your students will also enjoy their science lessons because each chapter includes a hands-on science experiment.

Sample chapters

  • Tephra rocks form during explosive volcanic eruptions.
  • Lava Tubes are created when flowing lava creates a tube that encloses molten rock.
  • Supervolcanoes form over a hot spot like Yellowstone.


Igneous Rocks book is designed for all ages of students

The Igneous Rock book is designed for all ages of students. If you are teaching a group with multiple ages and reading abilities, this is the book for you. You can have students work alone or together as they read the information in each chapter. Students can then do the experiments and activities individually or together.

Sample experiments

  • Lava Fountains demonstrates how molten rock can erupt out of a volcano.
  • Pyroclastic Flow Eruptions demonstrates how expanding gases create lava flows.
  • Building crystals shows how microscopic crystals increase in size.

Facts to know about igneous rocks

Igneous rocks were once molten rock underground that formed in subduction zones or over a hot spot. The amount of quartz in the rocks determines the type of igneous rocks that form.

Magma, which is molten rock underground, becomes lava when it reaches the surface of the Earth.

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