Rock Cycle Book by Myrna Martin
Ring of Fire Science

EZG Rock Cycle Book by Myrna Martin

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Student and teacher friendly books

The Ring of Fire Science books by Myrna Martin are easier to use than any other Earth Science program available. The Rock Cycle book is designed for studens who can read at a minimum 4th grade level.

The book is easy to use. After completing a couple of lessons many students will be able to complete each chapter with minimal help from their teacher. 

Each chapter contains written information on a specific topic about the rock cycle. Each chapter also has an activity that uses inexpensive materials that are usually found around the home or at a nearby store. 

Your students will enjoy their science lessons when each chapter includes a science activity. You will like these books because it only takes a few minutes of your time to prepare for each lesson.

Sample Chapters

  • Color of Igneous Rocks is a major key in their identification.
  • Sedimentary Rocks explains the processes that turn sediments into stone.
  • Metamorphic Rocks recrystallize while in a solid state into new rocks.

Sample activities

  • Creating a Lava Dome
  • Mini Coral Reef
  • Compressing Layers

The Rock Cycle

The rock cycle consists of three major families of rocks. Igneous rocks form when molten rock cools. The floors of all the oceans are igneous rocks. Three major groups of sedimentary rocks are clastic rocks, organic rocks, and chemical rocks. Metamorphic rocks form when the Earth's plates collide.

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