SE Earthquakes Textbook by Myrna Martin
Ring of Fire Science

SE Earthquakes Textbook by Myrna Martin

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Student and Teacher Friendly book

Science Made EZ books make learning fun and easy for you and your students.

The science textbooks in this series are for older students getting ready for college or students who want to learn more about earthquakes.

Students often work through their textbooks without additional help from their teachers. This saves you a lot fo time during your busy day.

Why the Earthquakes textbook is easy to use

Each chapter contains written information, a quiz, and an experiment about earthquakes. The glossary contains definitions of unfamiliar science words, and the Answer Key is for students to check to see if their answers to the quizzes is correct.

The written information in each chapter does not overwhelm students like larger books that cover multiple topics in each chapter. 

The Earthquakes textbook is divided into 16 chapters. It will take only a few minutes of your time to read the chapter summary, look at the pictures, and detremine the materials needed to do the experiment in each chapter.

Sample chapters

  • Tsunamis: Great Sea Waves are giant sea waves that can reach a height of 30 meters as they come ashore.
  • San Andreas Fault runs north and south through California separating the North American Plate and the Pacific Plate.
  • Faults are fractures between two blocks of rocks. Normal faults and thrust faults are two types of faults that cause earthquakes.

Earthquakes on the Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire forms a horseshoe shape around the Pacific Ocean. It is home to 75% of the world's volcanoes and 90% of its earthquakes. The Pacific Ocean is decreasing in size as the Atlantic Ocean increases in size.

Subduction zones are found along the Ring of Fire that generate earthquakes when two plates collide and the rocks fracture.

Sample experiments

  • Can You Hear That Wave?
  • Tin Can Seismograph
  • Rock Blocks

Your students can look over the experiments in each chapter and gather the materials they will need. They will find most of the materials listed in each experiment around your home or at a nearby store.

Why should you buy this Science Made EZ textbook?

You will like this book for your students because it will take only a few minutes of your time to go over the information in each chapter.

Your students will like this book because they can be independent learners using Science Made EZ textbooks.

The experiments in each chapter add to your students understanding and their interest in science.

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