School Textbooks Course 2 by Myrna Martin
Ring of Fire Science

School Textbooks Course 2

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Why our Earth Science Course 2 textbooks are for you

The science textbooks are for older students getting ready for college or students who want to learn more about our planet. Students can often work through their textbooks without additional help from their teachers. 

Each book contains 16 chapters. The written information in each chapter is about a specific topic. A quiz reviews the important points in the chapter. A fun science experiment is included in every chapter.

Student and Teacher friendly books

The written material in each chapter does not overwhelm students like larger textbooks that cover multiple topics in each chapter. You will like these books because they are teacher and student friendly books with fascinating information about our planet.

  • Each chapter is written about a specific topic. Pyroclastic Rocks, Notorious Volcanoes, and  Seismic Waves are examples of chapters in the Course 2 set of textbooks.
  • Each chapter includes an experiment. Examples of experiments in the books include Earthquakes Towers, Fantasy Island, and Pressing Layers.
  • A short 10 question quiz is included about the topic of each chapter. The Answer key is in the back of each book. 

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