Activity Ebooks


Penny Drop is a fun activity in our Water Cycle activity book.

Children love to do science activities 

Our Fun Science Activity Books contain fun and easy-to-do science activities that your children will find fascinating and fun to do. 

Each activity has a mini-lesson. The mini-lesson for this activity explains how drops of water can be different sizes. They also learn that different surfaces absorb different amounts of water.

Treasure Hunt

Have your children go on a Treasure Hunt for materials they will need for activities you are planning in the future. This will get them excited about the upcoming science activities they will be doing.

Simple and inexpensive materials are used in the activities in these books. Most of the materials your children will find around your home. They can keep the supplies in a special box that is labeled Treasure Hunt.

The activities can be used in any order you wish. You can look through the books and decide which activities you are planning in the next few weeks. On a sunny day you might choose one activity and on  a rainy a different activity from the same book. 

What's special about our ebooks

Our ebooks use a PDF format that can be read on your smart phones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers. You can be reading the books within minutes after purchase.